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Building Strategy Around Your Message

In the current communications landscape, social media is critical for success, which is why our team is always focused on the bottom line, developing social strategies that ladder back to key business objectives and are embedded with research, infused with creativity and optimized with data.

We develop strategies that include the right platform mix and content approach to reach relevant audiences with engaging messaging where they are already active. We specialize in the design and development of engaging social posts and rich media assets to help our clients maintain an active online presence, break through the clutter and continuously provide value to their followers.

Using specialized social listening and analytics tools, our team regularly monitors industry topics and brand mentions to identify popular trends, most active channels and those who are leading the discussions for engagement opportunities, content optimizations and influencer list development.

Our Services

We have developed an array of strategic communication services and tools that allow our clients to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.
The following are some of the tools #P uses to accomplish the mission of its clients:

Content production

There are over 8 billion videos being watched every day. Have #P produce content that speaks to your audience. Content that matters.
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Political strategy

Managing dozens and dozens of political campaigns: PACs, independent expenditures, candidates (local, regional, state, national), districts, and boards.

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Advocacy Network

HashtagPinpoint® has built a network of specialized advocacy pages bringing together engaged and ravenous followers of a given topic, idea, or cause.

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Online voter registration

Organizations seeking to provide online voter registration services are able to leverage #P’s technical expertise in connecting with State voter systems.

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Sentiment analysis

Our team provides tools that will help you listen to what’s happening to your or your competitor’s products, brand, and critical feedback for quick responses and adjustments.

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Media buying

All media purchases are handled by professionals who work with the Facebook & Twitter ad managers every day, maximizing your budget to accomplish your objectives.

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Social Automation

Avoid errors and omissions with automation tools that allow you to find, capture, review, forward, post with the vast amounts of content out there on the internet.

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Online fundraising

Some of the biggest campaigns have been supported by grass roots fundraising. #P provides a one-stop solution for emails, forms, collections, and reporting.

Additional Services Include…

Research, Database, & Outreach Plan Development

Project Hotline

Community Liaison & Issues Management

Project Branding

Stakeholder Outreach

Team Support, Project Management, & Documentation

Outreach Material Development

Media Relations

Crisis Communications

Community Events