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Our History

HashtagPinpoint was founded in 2014 with a clear mission to use an array of content, algorithms, and techniques to help its customers target message and advocate their message on social media. Right out of the gate, #P had many successes using its initial targeting algorithms. From promoting STEAM programs for school districts to CA Senator John Moorlach’s race.

In 2016, #P launched its network of niche Advocacy Pages. By the end of 2017, they had one million users under message. In a short period of time, #P built its CA Drought Monitor page to 1000’s of people and earned media - providing the opportunity to work with both MWDOC and Mesa Water as Strategic Communication Consultants.

Various business districts have begun to embrace #P’s “Chamber Page” concept, hiring HashtagPinpoint to promote businesses in the same locale, shared interest or vertical. The mutual “co-opitition” creates a mutual promotion platform increasing the ongoing value of the given chamber while reducing shared marketing expenses.

Today, #P’s ability to distill complex issues into consumable, story-telling content continues to propel them forward as a true leader in Strategic Communications.


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HashtagPinpoint is a full-service strategic communications firm focusing on social targeting, listening, and advocacy. We provide services to political campaigns, government entities, chambers, special districts, non-government organizations, and more.

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Our Team


CEO | President

Pasquale Talarico

Pasquale Talarico has been active in Orange County public affairs for the last 10 years. He’s considered an expert in social messaging, strategy and execution. Talarico has also lead numerous local and State political campaigns. He is a sought- after speaker and thought leader around extending Facebook well beyond how the average person uses the platform for promotion.

Pasquale is a trusted advisor to government, churches and not-for-profit organizations at the local, state and national levels.



Executive vice president

Tim Kearns

With a background centering around creating brand identity, Tim Kearns leads the team with content development, design and management. Tim’s Strong arts and design skills make him one of Orange County’s leaders in integrating messaging that combines passionate, persuasive storytelling with pioneering strategies.

Tim provides support to #P associates & account managers while serving at the day-to-day face of HashtagPinpoint.



Advisor, Business & Multicultural Matters

Armando Cervantes

Armando Cervantes is a well-known and distinguished advocate, trainer, and speaker. As a trusted resource to businesses and not-for-profits alike, Armando is particularly expert at developing strategies for engaging multicultural communities on social media. Notably, Armando has been a national consultant developing youth programs for US Dioceses, as well as being an international representative for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

He is an active Board member of the Latino Chamber of Commerce in Orange County, and is passionate about developing entrepreneurs within the community.



Mike streavel - account manager


Terin Hoyt - Associate